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Kirsten McAndrew


Kirsten McAndrew MCSP +ACPAT CAT B


I'm a qualified human physiotherapist with a passion for horses and dogs.  What better way to combine passion and career by becoming a Veterinary physiotherapist.

I started working as physiotherapist in England and moved through NHS and private clinical positions until I decided that I had to pursue another passion - horses.


Thanks to Mediclinic Middle East I was able to pursue a career in muscoskeletal physiotherapy whilst studying my Msc in Veterinary Physiotherapy through Liverpool University Veterinary School.

I have always enjoyed my sports, including windsurfing, sailing, skydiving, wakeboarding and snowboarding.  It may come as no surprise that I have also had my fair share of accidents which have required the expertise of a good physiotherapist or two!

However my life long love affair has been with horses and my dogs.  I wanted to share my skills used on humans with animals.  These lovely creatures give their all and ask nothing in return.  I felt it was time for me to give them the love, care and support they need to enable them to recover fully from injury, rehabilitation and generally trying to keep them as fit and healthy as possible.




Bsc (Hons) Physiotherapy, Coventry University, England, UK


MSc Veterinary Physio (In progress) ACPAT cat B, Liverpool University, England, UK


Dissertation subject - TBC in 2018

Qualified Dry Needling practitioner - Humans + Veterinary 




1701 The Prime Tower, Downtown Business Bay



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