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Is Physiotherapy suitable for my elderly dog, he is becoming less active and I think he has discomfort?

Yes, Absolutely. A thorough assessment is required to determine exactly what needs to be done, but often a combination of massage and soft tissue release, laser therapy and home exercises completed at home can make a great difference in our eldery pets.

Is Physiotherapy suitable for my cat?

Yes, Absolutely. Sometime with cats we have to adapt things a little as they are not always as willing to participate, however I have many cats that have enjoyed laser, massage, exercises and even hydrotherapy!

How many sessions will my pet need?

This is not an easy one to give a definite answer. All cases are individual and so the answer will vary from case to case. Usually after 1-2 sessions we can begin to gauge what will be needed longer term whether it be more home exercise and management from the owner, or more hands on work from myself the therapist.

My pet has had surgery, how soon can we begin physiotherapy?

Great question! We can begin right away. I will always speak with your vet to confirm if there is any reason why we cannot begin, but in 99% of cases we can begin right away, and this is advised

. Laser therapy can even be done on the wound to aid healing while the stitches are in!

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