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Small animal physio

Small animal physiotherapy is important for:

  • Performance dogs inc racing, agility + show dogs
  • Small animals/Dogs that have undergone surgery or suffered lameness
  • Small animals/Dogs with degenerative conditions
  • Senior Citizens
While a veterinary referral is not mandatory in the UAE, it is certainly preferred. It is important to make sure your dog has a correct diagnosis, all relevant tests and investigations have been performed and any medical or surgical treatment that is required is administered.
We will liaise regularly with your pet’s vet to ensure continuity of care and ensure any specific rehabilitation requirements are met.
Your vet can simply email the medical history to us prior to your pet's first visit.

Initial assessment -
Duration: +-45 minutes
Location: Your home
Price: based on location AED

Location: Dogwalk, Al Quoz
Price: 350AED +Vat
Follow up session-
Location: Your home
Duration: +-45minutes
Price: based on location 550AED+VAT
Location: Dogwalk, Al Quoz
Duration: +-30minutes
Price: 275AED + VAT

Under water Treadmill Initial 
Dogwalk, Al Quoz
Duration: +-30minutes
Price: 295AED + VAT

Under water Treadmill Follow up

Location: Dogwalk, Al Quoz
Duration: +-30minutes
Price: 275AED + VAT

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